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Is Faux Fur Sending the Wrong Message?

Cooler weather is upon us and many are excited to wear the newest winter fashions. Faux fur and leather are extremely popular this time of year – on jackets, hats, boots, and other accessories. But some activists believe that faux fur is sending the wrong message.


Most will agree that using real fur in fashion is cruel. So creating textiles that mimic the real deal seems like a viable alternative to killing animals for their pelts. Some activists believe that if you wear faux fur it will cause people to seek out real pelts. While this can’t be completely ruled out, I believe that it is only human to appreciate the beauty of nature. And faux fur offers people a 100% cruelty-free alternative to real animal fur.


This season, you might be surprised to find vegan leather, suede, and fur that will completely fool the eye. In fact, I personally can’t tell the difference between the Ultrasuede used in Pammie’s Life vegan boots and real suede. It looks, feels and even smells like real suede. So, if there are convincing faux materials out there, why not use them?


I firmly believe that by using vegan materials, even non-vegan people will opt to purchase a stylish pair of shoes or jacket simply because they like it. And the less demand for real fur or leather, the less these materials will be used.


Personally, I am for vegan fur and leather because man will always admire nature, including beautiful animal pelts. But by using non-animal materials, we can appreciate nature all the more without abusing it.




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