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Trends in Facial Hair

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Trends in Facial Hair

Yes guys facial hair can be sexy IF done the right way...let's talk!

Contrary to popular belief not all of us women hate facial hair. Some of us (myself included) actually find facial hair on men pretty damn sexy! I don't always love the way it feels on my face but I can deal with it for the trade off of having a handsome mug to look at. I feel like the art of shaving has become a lost art that men need to reconnect with, so I'm here to do my part in making sure this revered status symbol of manhood lives on! 


As silly as this little beardo chart may seem I'm putting it up to give you a little creative inspiration! My disclaimer to this chart: I DO NOT recommend half of the looks displayed here LOL. 




Men in Hollywood have been proud to embrace their unkept scruffy face. Willie Nelson move over, you've got some competition here.....



 Bradley Cooper

Known for his piercing blue eyes (and his notorious palate for women in Hollywood), Bradley Cooper pulls off a dapper bearded red carpet look. He's got the prominent mustache with a slight fade through the beard. Tres chic I must say.



From one Brad to the next, the sexy facial hair doesn't quit! Brad Pitt is known to pull off almost any look and his facial hair is no exception. According to our above cited beard chart Brad is rockin' a very light "VanDyke". This look has a little bit of everything...mustache....a little beard....a little flavor saver. There's a reason he scored Angelina. Hmmmm, maybe the facial hair?



And then there's Miley Cyrus' hot Australian beau Liam Helmsworth showing that facial hair can be sexy even in your 20's. I love this look on men! The perfect amount of scruff. Sexy but subtle!



Posh's baby daddy sure knows how to pull off facial hair.....ummm and about any other look he decides to try. I love the combination of the hair and unkept face. Grrrrr!



The quintessential handsome middle-aged man. Gerard Butler is tall, dark, handsome and hairy!! He makes facial hair look good.



And for the man who wants to take it to the max? The FULL monti! I wouldn't recommend this for many men but Zach Galifiniakis just wouldn't be the same without it. Beardos unite!! 


Long Live the Facial Hair!!! Men for the sake of us women who love to see you hairy please keep the dream alive! 

xoxo Rene' 

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