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Far Out! Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel Welcome Us to the Chanel Space Station!

 Legendary fashion house hosts fall/winter 2017 show at the Chanel Space Station with a Rocket!

In previous years, Chanel has hosted fashion shows in an airport, supermarket, and even a data storage center. Ever the innovative thinkers, now Karl Lagerfeld hosted a show in outer space!

Well, not exactly in outer space. Since the majority of us can’t fly into the nether regions of far away galaxies, they thought of the next best thing: host Chanel’s fall/winter 2017 ready-to-wear fashion show at the terrestrial Grand Palais in Paris, but create a Chanel Space Station!

Although this wasn’t a true, functioning rocket, it was a “movie studio” version of one and certainly was impressive by most standards! And it even achieved lift off! Actually, it didn’t fly into space but instead was moved upward by a hydraulic lift. And the added special effects of lighting made it look like there was smoke and fire just like an authentic lift off! Dr. Mitchell WalkerChanel Space Station, a professor of aerospace engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology said that a real lift off would have basically killed everyone else in the room. LOL!  And the environment had to be safe for the models that were around the space ship when it “took off”.


Chanel Space Station rocket ship Photo AP images

Photo by AP images


Walker also estimated the total cost of the Chanel rocket to be around $80,000!  But this is nothing in comparison to $50 million that is the cost to launch the real SpaceX rocket.

Chanel has previously spent $1.6 million for a 2014 fashion show that was held on “Chanel Island” in Dubai. So the cost of holding a fashion show is not necessarily a factor when it comes to Chanel. Let’s hear it for dream innovator Karl Lagerfeld and the House of Chanel for literally blowing us away with the Chanel Rocket!




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