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Fanny Packs: A Fashion Do or Don’t?

Do you consider a fanny pack a fashion do or don't? Is it a fashion faux pas or a fashion coup?

There has been much debate recently about whether or not to use a fanny pack.  Some believe a fanny pack is a style reminiscent of the 1980’s along with Dolphin shorts, headbands and feathered hair.  But there are several benefits to wearing a fanny pack:

1. Fanny packs will keep the weight off your neck, shoulders and back.  Do you have a problem with chronic back pain?  Ask your self this question, “Do you carry a large purse or handbag?”  A fanny pack will redistribute the weight across your torso so you will barely feel it.  A purse or handbag, on the other hand, will constantly put pressure on your neck, back and shoulders.  Over time, this can lead to chronic back pain.

2. Fanny packs are perfect for travel.  Rather than carry a bulky purse or handbag to Disneyland, try using a fanny pack.  You will be hands-free the entire day, safely have all of your important items within reach, and you will not have to worry about your purse contents flying out while riding Dumbo or Space Mountain.

3. Fanny packs can actually be stylish.  Gone are the days of vinyl fanny packs.  Today’s fanny packs are made by top designers.  And they are extremely chic with chain belts and plenty of accents.  Can you imagine a cute, quilted black fanny pack with a gold chain from Chanel?

4. Fanny packs deter theft.  Quite often you wear a fanny pack under a jacket.  It is very difficult to steal from one this way, whereas, taking a wallet out of someone’s back pocket is much easier.

5. Fanny packs are ideal for moms.  Fanny packs are perfect for small snacks, your ID, cell phone and other daily essentials.  Moms need things quickly and within arm’s reach.  And a fanny pack can easliy organize these items to be accessed immediately. Perfect for a busy mom on the go!

So re-think and utilize the convenient and functional fanny pack!  And make your life easier with style!

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