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Yes men, you too can brag about your shoe game. Colored laces are making it easier for men to step up their style……

    Are you ready to elevate your shoe game guys? This is probably the cheapest and easiest fashion trend you can jump on this season…..colored laces! You don’t even have to go out and buy a new pair of shoes, literally just buy the laces and throw them in an exisiting pair of cool shoes you already have. The trend works for both dress shoes and tennies alike. Now you can match your laces to your tie or to you pocket square. Oh imagine the possibilities!! The best site I’ve found to buy into this awesome new trend is Benjo’s . They have a ton of cool colors and with laces starting at $8 you can choose a few without breaking the bank. This is a must-try guys. I promise it will get you some looks from the ladies!  


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