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Famous Vegans, Celebrities Changing the Face of Veganism

Who are today’s vegans?

Only a few years ago, many had not even heard of the term vegan. Today however, choosing to eat a plant-based diet is becoming more common than you think. In fact, many of young Hollywood and glamorous celebrities are choosing to go vegan. In addition to adopting a plant-based diet, they are also choosing to wear non-animal textiles. They believe that you don’t have to compromise on fashion by wearing faux leather for clothes and accessories.

In fact, these celebrities are leading a new generation by being healthy, fashionable and inspirational! They hope that by the next generation, choosing a plant-based diet will not be the exception to the rule, rather it will be the norm. After all, this new generation has the power to adapt to new ways of thinking. And from this, positive change can happen.

Here are some stars you might not even know are vegan!


Ariana Grande

This singing superstar says no to meat because she says she’s a major animal lover!

ariana grande vegan

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