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Famous People Problems…#CelebLife

A New Level of Mess

We all want to experience the high life of our favorite celebs. To be swooned over and pampered, receiving freebies just for gracing establishments with our presence, and have coveted designers begging us to wear their latest fashions. Not to mention the hoard of fans looking up to us.

But, with all this comes a new level of mess, issues that us fabulously common beauties have yet to experience. While we may not worry about how to pay the bills each month and have the ultimate confidence in our financial security, we could end up losing a lot of the simple pleasures that came before.

Common Issues While Living #CelebLife

As we strive for celeb status lifestyles, we overlook the many issues they deal with behind the scenes every day. Here are a few famous people problems that could take away from the appeal of living #CelebLife.

1. Paparazzi

I hope you’re prepared to be camera ready…at all times. Depending on their level of fame, celebs are not able to shop per usual, grab a cup of coffee, or even go to the gym without being followed by a flock of cameras. The paparazzi are known to have no qualms over sneaking over fences and living in bushes to get that next coveted shot of someone doing something potentially embarrassing or headline-worthy.

2. No Private Life

Your life belongs to your public. There is nothing that goes on today that isn’t instantly available on Google and social media, and when it comes to celeb status, you’ll find a lot more people interested in your every move.

Like our beloved Kardashians, to cite just one example. From the mother down to the awaited birth of the latest Kardashian heir, from their nationally-televised shows to their social accounts, we expect them to share every juicy tidbit about their lavish life. Your every move is then scrutinized by your adoring fans and collective critics.

3. Celebrity Status Can Make You or Break You

There are those who rise to the calling of celebrity status and do so with surprising grace and very little fuss. They even take their good names and attach them to genuine causes meant to better the world and elevate others. Gina Rodriguez for example, is a Golden Globe Winner, feminist, activist, and so many other titles as she uses her celeb status to shine light on important movements. One example is Movement Mondays, which she started after the Oscars to empower diversity and encourage Latinos to step into the spotlight.

Meanwhile, others seem to be overcome with the pressures of fame and tend to wander down the wrong paths. It isn’t uncommon that we see stars stumbling out of nightclubs, lashing out at paparazzi, and trashing hotels rooms while trying to live up to their perceived lifestyles.

4. Never Ending Rumors

There are the instant rotations of rumor mills. A simple snapshot of you and a lifetime friend can be turned into a secluded date with a mysterious boy-toy. There are so many people watching and speculating that you are sure to come up with some invalid conclusions along the way.

5. Public Wars with other Celebs

No one knows what starts these frequent Twitter beefs and hashtag wars between celebs, but things can get pretty nasty with millions of onlookers waiting to see the outcome. Could you imagine the intensity in the room if these celebs ever have to work with each other? Not to mention the fall out with their fans and yours. There are definitely levels to celeb beefs and it gets deep.

6. Traveling All the Time

Actresses and models are expected to be on location, even if it takes them a private jet to get there. They spend more time away from their fancy homes than they do with their loved ones.

7. Stalkers

Worse than paparazzi, are the frightening stalkers as they have no real boundaries when it comes to your privacy. They will also go through surprising means to be noticed by you, even if this means taking illegal action to get your attention. For this reason, a lot of celebrities are forced to travel with security teams and large entourages for safety.

8. The World Is a Stage

Celebs are expected to be a certain way when in public and often times they find themselves playing a role to impress the public, even when they aren’t working. The same can be said of friends, employees, and family of celebs which can lead to trust issues as people tend to attach themselves in hopes of coming up on a little of their own.

9. Mistakes are Not the Norm

The famous are, for some reason, expected to be perfect. Not just better than the last and always more innovative than the next.  Whether it is the pressure of being the perfect size, have the perfect smile, or on their best behavior. Mistakes are not a luxury many celebs get.


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