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The Most Exotic Homes Away From Home

Unique accommodation while traveling is becoming a growing demand, and exotic homes to rent while on vacation are popping up all over the globe.

Here we’ve created a collection of our favorite exotic locations for your next vacation.

Travel Like Tarzan

For those with a love of nature who are craving a break from the bustle of city living, living it up in a luxury treehouse is one way to reconnect with mother nature in style and comfort. Glamping Hub hosts several of these unique international homes online, making your next vertical getaway available from the click of a button.

Walhalla, South Carolina

Exotic Homes

This beautiful home combines an eclectic style with an innate relationship to the natural beauty that surrounds it effortlessly.

Accommodating two guests, this is the perfect romantic getaway, hidden away amongst 40 private acres of farmland and woodlands. The property also includes private gardens, untouched forests, fauna, beautiful flora, creeks, and 2.5 miles of local trails to lead you to even more breathtaking views of our natural world.

While you may be concerned about the amenities available to you in such a remote location, there is no need to worry, as this luxurious tree house includes a fireplace, heating and air conditioning, an outdoor rope bed for relaxing in, a two-person hammock, chandeliers and antique furnishings, vintage board games, a record player, a treetop dining room with an ice box, and a propane barbecue.

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