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Exciting New Designers You Want to Know About

In your mind, in terms of designers… who are the classics? The up-and-comers? Everyone has an opinion when it comes to fashion, but there’s something to be said for designers who everyone looks to as staples of the industry. It seems, almost, as if these trendsetters were always there. On the contrary, every big designer has a humble start. Today, there are some exciting new designers who may be in their (somewhat) humble beginnings, but time will prove that they’re designers you definitely want to know about.



What do you get when you get a DJ turned fashion designer? You get eccentric prints and a young, trendy style; Massimo Giorgetti is the mastermind behind this look. Think about how remixes are made: they’re a melding of beats, voices and styles – all to create one uniquely cohesive song; Massimo does just that with his designs, as he blends contemporary art and musical passion.


new designers massimo giorgetti msgm spring 2017



Lublu Kira Plastinina

This designer throws it back to the 60s and 70s with her grown up style that includes wild, colorful prints, and knee length skirts and dresses. Europe jumped on the Plastinina bandwagon before the US, but at this point all have caught onto this growing designer ideal for the well traveled, chic ladies.


new designers lublu kira plastinina



Rosie Assoulin

This lady learned from the best by doing internships at Oscar de la Renta, Lanvin, Adam Lippes and Brian Reyes; it’s no wonder that she’s already making a name for herself as one of the best new designers in New York. Her look is modern, classy, and feminine – including lots of clean lines architectural designs. Ideally suited for the unique individual who appreciates the frocks from the 50s and 60s, Assoulin’s collection is both a throw back to old times and a nod to the future.


new designers Rosie Assoulin spring summer 2017 collection



Ana Khouri

Let’s talk jewelry. In today’s fashion market, where designs run the gamut between bland to exuberant, how can one designer stand out? If you’re Brazilian born designer Ana Khouri, designing eccentric pieces comes so naturally that success has been and will continue to be inevitable. Her designs are both raw and unique, and have attracted A-list celebrities like Madonna and Carine Roitfeld.


new designers ana khouri jewelry IG anakhouri




It all started as a t-shirt line for select models, rappers, artists and skaters, but has since grown to include young men’s and women’s collections that cater to a broader audience with a sense of style. Sheer fabrics, saggy cargos, and edgy details with a hint of retro are what this designer brand is all about.


new designers misbhv spring 2017

Photo Credit: Andrew Morlaes/WWD/REX/


If you follow fashion, you’ll want to keep up with Misbhv, Ana Khouri, Rosie Assoulin, Lublu Kira Plastinina, and MSGM – today’s top new designers – as they’re about to pave the way for fashion in a brand new era.




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