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Everything Old is New Again! Makeup Trends from the Past That Are Making a BIG Comeback Now!

Do you remember these makeup fads from the past?

You might have heard the saying, “Everything old is new again.” This is true when it comes to makeup. Makeup trends from past decades are making a huge comeback in 2017. Whether you liked them or not, you might be give these looks another chance when you see how they have been updated to look on point for this season!

Glittery Eye Makeup

We all rocked glittery eye makeup in the 90s.  In fact, we didn’t even think it was over-the-top at all!  But soon, this fad was replaced by more matte, neutral tones of eyeshadow. In 2017, glittery eye makeup was back!  So have fun with glitz and glam on your eyelids, even for a casual look.

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