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The Effect of Scents on Our Emotions

Did you know that scent can actually affect your emotional well-being? That’s right, certain scents can actually evoke specific emotions in you.


If you’re needing to focus as you study for an exam, or if you’re brushing up on those notes for an important work meeting, consider burning a cinnamon candle. Cinnamon is a scent that is well known for sharpening the mind. Perhaps it’s because the scent of cinnamon is derived from the clove tree, which is an evergreen with multiple medicinal properties benefiting mental health.


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Around the Christmas season, you might burn a Christmas tree candle that has strong notes of pine, and you mind find that the smell is calming, refreshing, and feels “homey”. That’s because the pine scent has been proven to alleviate stress and to promote peace of mind. Think about it: what’s a better stress reliever than getting out in the great outdoors, walking around a forest of pine… it’s no wonder the pine scent is a stress reliever!



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Fresh Cut Grass

We all talk about “the good old days” – the time when we were kids and we played in the yard on a Saturday afternoon without a care in the world. We built forts, we rolled down grassy hills, we tossed a ball around and ran through sprinklers while dad cut the grass. That smell of freshly cut grass carries over well beyond those years, and, scientists have proven that because of its ties in our memories, it makes you joyful.




When you think of citrus fruit, what words come to mind? Fresh, flavorful, bright and colorful, vitamin-packed… these are just a few words that surface with little thought effort. Fruit can be known as nature’s candy – it comes straight from the earth and turns over many natural benefits that the earth has to offer. When we eat it (as opposed to chocolate, for example), we feel productive. It’s no wonder that the smell of citrus makes you feel energized.




Many of us have a sweet tooth that dominates our minds throughout the day. The scent of vanilla can be a driving force behind that desire to stuff our faces with warm, tasty treats that are full of sugar – thereby elevating the mood, even if for just a moment.




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When the scent of vanilla is simply a scent (not a treat), we’re treated to the endorphin-releasing element of prepping for a tasty dish without ever dealing with the aftermath, whether that be guilt or a stomach that’s too full, or a sadness that it’s over. For that reason, the scent of vanilla is well known to elevate your mood.



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