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EDITOR’S STYLE DIARY- Sunday Brunch in Downtown LA

A fashion "snapshot" into my life literally!

A fashion “snapshot” into my life literally!

This past Sunday my boyfriend and I headed to Downtown LA to celebrate the engagement of two of our close friends Kevin and Lindsay. Yay!!!! At Lindsay’s wishes we headed to the ultra-chic Italian restaurant and gourmet market Bottega Louie where I proceeded to fall in the with not only the food but the New York reminiscent vibe. I’d never been to Bottega before but I had heard of it and I knew it was downtown so I planned my wardrobe accordingly. The heat here in LA just isn’t letting up so I thought a flowly yet comfy dress would be perfect so I wore my favorite mint colored dress from Free People. Sometimes I like to belt this dress for a different look but that day (probably because I anticipated indulging in the delish food) I chose to wear it loose. One of my favorite things to do with super feminie clothing is to pair it with  some cool boots….today I chose my Jeffrey Campbell fringed ankle boots. I love this look (especially here in LA) because it adds a little grit to your outfit. Trust me if you’ve ever been to or seen DTLA you know grit, grime and all of the above it the norm!! To pull my outfit together I chose gold-tone jewelry to go with the gold in my dress including layered natural stone/gold necklaces, a pair of jade bracelets (for good luck), a double knuckle “hope” ring and my favorite black leather two-tone fringe bag. Simple, comfortable and appropriate for our celebratory brunch!!

And for my nails I did a little ombre paint job on them 🙂 All you have to do it find a solid color you like and apply 2 even coats. Make sure those 2 coats dry well before you add the second polish which is any type of glitter polish. Make sure it’s glitter only and there is no actual color in the polish. Apply 2 coats of glitter just to the tip of your nails and then wait for it to dry. To create the ombre you’ll take the brush from your glitter polish and remove most of the polish so very little is still left on the brush. Then take the brush and dab it onto the nail starting from the tip and going up about halfway. Finish with a coat of clear polish and you’ve got some fun ombre nails!

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