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Easy Fix For Your Broken Eyeshadow or Blush


Broken Eyeshadow

It can happen to anyone. Lying at the bottom of the makeup bag is the beloved broken eyeshadow or blush, now cracked, crumbling, and making a mess. Despite the eyeshadow palette or blush seemingly ruined, you just can’t bear to part with that favorite color.

The natural reaction is to either just toss the ruined eyeshadow or blush in the trash, or hold onto it for an unreasonably long time.  Do not give in to defeat just yet! Save yourself and your wallet a trip to the makeup counter and try this super simple and easy trick.


The Fix

What you will need

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • A metal spoon
  • Hope


Container Method

This might seem counterproductive but have a little faith. Take the back of a metal spoon and crush up the blush or eyeshadow palette until it is a fine powder. Once fine powder consistency has been achieved, saturate the powder with rubbing alcohol and stir until it has reached a paste-like consistency. I prefer to use an eyedropper (I keep one in my crafting toolkit) because this gives you excellent control over the amount added. Next, use the back of the metal spoon to mold the paste-like mixture into its original shape inside the container. You can place a tissue over the paste in order to allow for easier, non-stick shaping. Finally, let it dry overnight and by morning the memory of the previously shattered eyeshadow or blush will seem like a distant nightmare.


Spray Bottle Method

To avoid excess mess in an already messy situation, fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray powder five times or until saturated. Stir mixture until it has reached a paste-like consistency and mold back to original shape with the back of the metal spoon. Rubbing alcohol dries quickly and with the spray bottle method it is easy to control the saturation level. This will result in getting your beloved blush or eyeshadow back into the palette faster. Just make sure that the broken eyeshadow or blush is completely saturated so that it is easy to mold.



Make a Loose Powder

If there is no rubbing alcohol on hand, fear not. Loose powder blushes and eyeshadows are an easy way to turn a bad situation around into a great one. Using the back of a metal spoon, crush crumbled and broken pieces into a fine powder. Pour into a separate, sealable container, and dip makeup brush into powder and sweep over cheeks and eyelids. JAPONESQUE has some great containers options for loose powder. Be sure to shake makeup brush gently before making contact with cheeks or eyelids to avoid adding too much color. Consider investing in a sifter container to avoid spillage or losing too much powder from excess on the brush.



Use The Powder for Something Else

If you love the color nad want to try turning it into something other than eyeshadow or blush, you can try one of these cool tricks …

Eyeshadow or Blush: Make it into a nail polish

Smash that broken color up into a fine powder and mix it in with a clear nail polish to create a bottle of your new favorite nail polish color!

Face powder: Make aTinted Moisturizer

Smash that broken color up into a fine powder and mix it in with your favorite facial moisturizer to make it a tinted moisturizer.

nail polish tinted moisturizer broken eyeshadow

VIVA GLAM Magazine Bonus Tip:

Swap out the usual eyeshadow palette for a bit of blush on eyelids instead. Sweep blush across lids and add a top layer of hydrating lip balm for a glossy effect without the stickiness of regular gloss. Matching your eyeshadow and blush color creates a rosy, sweet look perfect for a date with someone sweet.




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