Dr. Aaron Kosins Tells us All About the Dos and Don'ts of Plastic Surgery - VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE
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Dr. Aaron Kosins Tells us All About the Dos and Don’ts of Plastic Surgery

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Are you looking for a plastic surgeon in Southern California? This surgeon might just be your perfect fit.

Dr. Aaron Kosins holds a dual Medical Degree (M.D.) and a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship. He is a highly-credentialed expert on skin care, cosmetic dermatology, plastic and cosmetic surgery, and medical aesthetics. He is also highly regarded for his expertise in Rhinoplasty and Breast & Body Contouring and frequently attends prestigious conferences around the world to speak about new techniques and technologies. In addition to operating a thriving surgical practice in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Kosins has trained extensively with acclaimed skincare pioneer, Dr. Zein Obagi, and is a co-owner of ZO Skin Centre at Fashion Island, Newport Beach.

Dr. Kosins sat down with VIVA GLAM for an in-depth interview regarding the dos and don’t of plastic surgery, the rumors, non-invasive treatments, and much more.


Interview with Dr. Aaron Kosins

Why did you choose to become a plastic surgeon?

I chose to become a Plastic Surgeon because when I was a student, the Plastic Surgeons did the most incredible surgeries I had ever seen. During the first surgery I ever watched, there was a patient that had a cancer of his jaw bone. After it was removed, the guy had almost no jaw.  Then, I watched the surgeons transfer a patient’s leg bone to become a part of their jaw!  I thought How cool was that? I want to be able to do that.  


When women choose a plastic surgeon what are the key essentials to know?

The number one essential is to look at your plastic surgeon’s reputation.  It is one thing to get a referral from a friend, but you want to make sure that he/she has a good reputation in the community AND in the medical community. You can go online, look at reviews, view his/her website, etc. Second, you want to make sure that the surgeon is a specialist in the particular procedure that you want. In my practice, I specialize in rhinoplasty as well as breast and body contouring. You can go on my website and look at hundreds of before/after photos. The surgeon should understand your wishes, be able to communicate well, and then show you dozens of patients that he/she has worked on with your same issues.  


Dr. Aaron Kosins Tells us All About the Dos and Don'ts of Plastic Surgery - viva glam magazine - beauty3



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