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Does Your Face Shape Determine Your Attractiveness?

What face shape do people find most inherently attractive?

According to science, the shape of your face can determine your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Why? It can give innate clues to your overall health.  And whether you realize it or not, when you find someone attractive, you are accessing their viability as a potential mate.


A recent study from the Macquarie University in Sydney determined that people with slimmer faces were seen as healthier. Low facial fat is associated with good blood pressure, and a person with low facial fat was seen as someone with a lower chance of developing high blood pressure in the future.

The study determined that our desire for slimmer faces might be an evolutionary technique on whether or not to mate with an individual. A healthy, or slimmer, face indicated a person who had optimum body mass index, body fat, blood pressure, and overall good health.


The study was conducted by Dr. Ian Stephen who said, “The results suggest that our brains have evolved mechanisms for extracting health information from people’s faces, allowing us to identify healthy people to mate with. We found that the participants altered the faces to look lower in fat, have a lower BMI and, to a lesser extent, a lower blood pressure, in order to make them look healthier. This suggests that some of the features that determine how healthy a face looks to humans are the same features that the computer model was using to predict body fat, BMI, and blood pressure.”


This is good reason to aim towards good overall health and a clean diet. It is important to maintain a healthy weight not only for your physical well-being, but for attracting an ideal mate too!



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