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Do Your Tampons Have a Shelf Life?

Do tampons have an expiration date?

This might be a question that you have never thought of before, but “do your tampons have a shelf life?” Most of us check expiration dates for food and cosmetics already, but we probably haven’t thought about pads or tampons. As strange as it may seem, did you know that sanitary protection actually DOES have a shelf life?  And if you choose to ignore it, this can lead to possible infection if you continue to use them.

According to New York doctor, Alyssa Dweck, it is important to check the box and see when they were manufactured. If it is five years or more after they were made, don’t use them.

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By storing tampons in a damp environment, this can lead to growth of mold. Even if it looks normal to you, there can still be mold present. This is because the cotton used to make tampons is susceptible to mold growth, and mold can also hide in the applicator portion of the tampon without you being aware of it.

Stores that you purchase tampons at can house them in a damp environment. Also, your own bathroom is a damp place because it’s where you bathe. This mold can cause irritation or infection in your vagina.

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If you keep emergency tampons way in the back of your cupboard, make certain that the plastic covering is intact. If it is torn, bacteria can get into the tampon, thereby corrupting it.

Dr. Dweck recommends reading the labels on the box of your tampons just like you would a food product such as salad or juice. After all, you wouldn’t choose to eat something that was past its expiration date, would you? So why would you use a tampon that was also too old?



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