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Do Your Spring Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Products by Full Circle Home

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At Viva Glam, we’re all passionate about the environment and try to always use eco-friendly products, wear cruelty-free clothing and make-up, and try to keep to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. While we’re more aware of the things we use on a daily basis, our cars, hand soap, clothes, sometimes we forget about the other necessities in our household. Have you ever thought about if your cleaning products were eco-friendly?

Two product lines that we LOVE are Full Circle Home and Goodbye Detergent. You can buy both of their products on their home website, Full Circle Home on Amazon or in-store at Williams-Sonoma, and Goodbye Detergent at Bed Bath and Beyond.

As someone who loves to keep a tidy and healthy home, I clean on a daily basis. Not my entire home, but at the least, I clean my dishes, wipe down dirty counters, and sweep up any mess I may have made….#klutz.

On on the next few pages, check out the products that we would definitely recommend that you use in your household. Not only are they ALL eco-friendly, but they’re as chic as cleaning products can be and are efficiently-designed for easy storage.

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