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Do You Really Want an Instagram Face?

Today’s beauty makeup on Instagram is a very specific look that you might not see elsewhere.  It is epitomized by social media celebs such as Kylie Jenner and Claudia Alende and is characterized by an artificial look. This might be the look of the moment, but do you really want to have an Instagram face?

Kylie Jenner is only 18 years old, yet she has already had plastic surgery done to her ever-changing face. At 18, your face is still growing and some teens go so far as to get fillers, Botox, a brow lift, and lip injections! Others are opting for permanent eyebrow makeup, eyeliner, and lip liner. While this is OK because you live for yourself and not for others, perhaps it is too severe a change at the tender, young age of 18? After all, it might look in fashion now, but what about later? Duck lips, a puffy face, thick brows and heavy makeup is only a trend on Instagram today.

It is important to think two steps ahead of the game and envision what is going to happen down the line. Even breast implants that you might love now, you might reconsider later after you are a mother and later in life. And permanent makeup is exactly that: permanent. Even after the trend of bushy brows and cat eyeliner is out, you will still be left with these tattoos on your face.

If you feel the need to follow these Instagram trends, why not increase the volume in your lips with lip liner and a matte lipstick? Or draw your brows in a bit thicker with a brow gel? Keeping your face as natural as possible, especially if you are still growing, will let your real beauty shine through. Completely changing your face just to emulate looks on social media will not only make you look strange, but you will no longer look like yourself anymore. Soon there will be an army of people not looking like themselves, but rather like the latest social media sensation. Scary, right?

Just because you follow someone on Instagram with duck lips and a fake butt doesn’t mean that you should have them as well. Appreciate your individuality and own who you are.



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