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You can make your own custom nude nail polish color by mixing your Mineral Foundation with an ivory or cream shade of nail polish. I tried it out on an old bottle of nail polish that I got at Ulta, it was kind of an ivory color that I used to use for French Manicures.


Here’s what you need:

1. Bare Mineral Powder Foundation

2. Ivory or cream colored nail polish

3. A spatula



I scooped about 4 spatulas of the Bare Minerals Foundation into the nail polish, and then screwed the cap back on. (see below=1 scoop on the spatula)



Shake it up until fully mixed.You can start to see the nail polish color change colors to a nude shade.



My nails naturally have a bluish purple color to them as you can see in the photo below. It is especially blue when I am cold, which I think looks really weird. So I love the idea of a nude color that matches my skin tone! Pictured below, left is my nail with only clear polish on, and the right 2 nails are painted with one coat of the new nude shade of nail polish that I just made.



Here is what it looks like on my nails after 1 coat:



Here is what it looks like after 2 coats of polish:




A few days later I did my nails again, and wanted to paint them using the same new nude nail polish color that I made, but wanted to make it more shimmery instead of such a matte nude. So it tried adding 1 coat of “show me the ring” by Essie Nail color over 2 coats of the BM nude nail color.



Here is how it came out, “show me the ring” is sort of a sheer white-gold shade, and so layering it over the nude made it look like a shimmery golden nude color.





So pretty, and really nice neutral shade for my photoshoots.

What a great new use for Bare Minerals and to revamp an old nail polish color! I’m also going to try and see what happens if I add it to a bright pink color or red….


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