DIY Givenchy Thigh High Runway Boots

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This week’s DIY is hands down one of my favorite! I saved the best for last, as we end the season with DIY Givenchy Thigh High Runway Boots. The Chanel thigh high boot was voted hands down the sexiest, most fashionable boot to EVER hit the scene. We were first introduced to them in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” on Anne Hathaway. We all took notice as she pranced onto the screen with her new makeover, rocking the Chanel thigh high boots. For all of us fashionistas out there, the movie went from zero to a hundred in seconds:)

This movie was one big eyegasm of fashion, and I knew I would end up making these boots. If I were to buy them they are priced at $3200! Technically, they are a form of transportation, but shoes the price of a small car…just isn’t my style. Don’t get me wrong, shoes are the one thing I will splurge on, but there is a limit.

As Spring fashion 2015 hit the runways, we were blessed with a new version of sexy! Givenchy’s peep toe thigh high boots! Sneak peak below. Once again, had to have them but over my budget, so I decided to re-create them in this week’s DIY video below.


Materials needed:

2 yards of stretchy faux leather fabric

Binder clips, oversized chip clip (to make your life easier), fabric chalk or make-up liner

Sewing machine

Check out my video below…

DIY Givenchy Thigh High Runway Boots


I think they turnout great, and the best part is that it cost me $18 to make them! This is a beginner level DIY project, but you will need to do some basic sewing. I mention in the video that working with stretchy fabric is pretty much fail proof, so definitely give it a shot:)



I hope you enjoyed today’s video…





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