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Learn my killer revamp idea for old shoes, where I will show you how to make DIY Lace Ankle booties from an old pair of heels! Redesign your black heels into black lace ankle booties for the Fall season. This is an easy, beginner level tutorial, where I reveal another one of my secret DIY tips & tricks. Black lace ankle booties are right on trend. In 5 minute I will show you how to get the look for under $15!

My inspiration for this video Jimmy Choo’s peep toe ankle bootie, to die for! I am always looking for ways to recreate the Runway, MY WAY. After looking through my closet at all my shoes, I realized the best bet on being able to recreate the look, would be with a pair of heels and lace. My extra challenge was figuring out how to get the lace to keep its shape above the heel…that is when my ah-ha moment hit! It always does if you refuse to give up. The caged heel was the winner. It has enough structure to maintain the lace, while still having enough skin show through to create the look of the bootie. Little tip before we get started, while a thicker lace is easier to work with, it won’t form as easily as a thinner lace. A thinner lace is a little more difficult, but completely doable if you just take your time and have patience.

Materials needed:

Black caged heel, 2′ Black lace fabric or black beaded trim, E6000 Glue, Scissors, Alcohol to clean the glue off of your fingers..and a little bit of patience.


Hope you all like today’s design idea!


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