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Daria Protsenko’s modeling career began in Moscow when she was 17-years-old. After signing with World Fashion Models, she was quickly discovered by a scout from Milan. She changed her plans from exploring her Swiss roots in Geneva, to flying to Milan in 2009 to work in the fashion industry. Her career developed very quickly and in the few years Daria spent in the European fashion hub, her dreams started to come true. After her success in Europe, she moved to the US where her likeness for icon Marilyn Monroe helped to fuel the demand for her in the modeling world.


Throughout her career she has worked with top brands such as Lancôme, Roberto Cavalli, Miu Miu, Walla, Minka, Viviana, as well as having the pleasure of being photographed by world renowned creatives such as Chris Heads, Brian Anderson, Mark Evans, Lev Efimov, Khoa Bui and Linda Posnick, who is famous for her work with Victoria’s Secret.

Daria’s interests and life experiences are eclectic and have taken her to over 30 countries around the world. In the future she wants to devote herself to being an oil and gas trader, which is the perfect future career for her given her experience, ambition, and contacts all over the world. dariaYou’ve traveled the world.  What places do you connect with the most?

So far I have visited more than 30 countries. For work, I like America most because it has the best opportunities. In America, if you have goal, desire and are ready to work hard, you can achieve a lot.

For skiing, I like Switzerland. Paris and Monte Carlo have the best clubs and music in my opinion.  For more exotic countries, I like the Maldives, Seychelles and Bora-Bora in French Polynesia.

I separate rest and work. I work non-stop without weekends and breaks.  When feel it’s enough and I am happy with results, I take a break so I can rest and then work even more.


How would you compare modeling here versus in Europe or other places you’ve worked in?

I worked in Milan for two years and it’s a totally different modeling system than the US, especially LA. In Europe, agents like models with a baby face, natural, slim and tall.  In LA, agents and clients need models who are more curvy and sexy. It’s like comparing Pamela Anderson to Kate Moss or Kate Upton to Natalia Vodianiva. Natalia would never be popular in LA and Kate in Paris. They are totally different types.


Have you ever felt rejected by the modeling industry?

Yes, then life taught me to be confident and to not care about the opinion of others. If you worry about what people think about you – forget about success. People are too busy thinking about themselves.  I absolutely don’t care about other people’s opinions except my family and close friends.  I am very serious about the people around me because your environment greatly affects your success.  I have a few friends but they are the best.

The secret of success in the modeling industry is to look and feel better than others and be very confident.


What do you find the most frustrating about working in Hollywood?

Most people in LA are lazy. After a few years living here, I can tell that the sun, ocean and palm trees affect people. I like to work hard and get things done quickly. I like specifics. Either it’s yes or no.  In LA most of the people answer “maybe”.

My shoot for Viva Glam Magazine was the last in Los Angeles. I am moving to New York – there are much better work opportunities for me. Also, my manager lives there.  Warren is an experienced person who has been in modeling industry for more then 30 years. I respect and appreciate his belief in me.  I’m glad to have one of the best managers in the world on my side.

In life, I don’t care about the sun or ocean. I am interested in where it is best to work. And now it’s New York.


Do you feel accomplished at this stage of your career or is there more room for you to grow?

There is always room for improvement… watch what will happen in the next year.


Name one of the goals you’d like to reach in modeling.

I would like to land the cover of Vogue England or US.


You have passion for karate. What lessons has karate taught you?

I ‘ve gotten a few powerful lessons that I carry through my life. When you think you have no power to move forward – take a deep breath, concentrate and hit your target. I started to beat up wooden boards after I took out a fear from my mind. Fear is useless.  My teacher made us do push-ups 25 times if we were late. Now I am never late. Karate thought me to be very punctual.


Daria, why would you like to be an oil and gas trader in the future?

It’s my other passion, which I left as my next goal after I’m done with my modeling career. In life, I like to set up big goals that require serious work. In this industry at a high level, there are no women. For most women to understand the system of oil and gas trading is difficult. In my opinion, women don’t like to think too much, especially beautiful women. I like to think and work hard; this is my advantage. I have beauty, brains and connections. In business, I see myself as a model and oil and gas trader.  I’m not interested in anything else.  I know what I want and how to get it. Period.


 What does the term “perfect life” means to you?

 Perfect life for me is peace of mind and balance with my ego. Satisfaction from the work I have done and feeling that I became the best person I could ever be. Success in my career, beloved husband and parents around and for sure Viva Glam Magazine in the guest room of my house.



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