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CVS to Stop Photoshopping Beauty Images This Spring

CVS will soon stop altering images for their beauty department.

There has been recent hype in the media concerning beauty imagery and its effect on women and girls. Many have said that overly retouched images make women and young girls feel like they cannot compare or compete with these unrealistic standards of beauty. Why? Because even the models themselves appearing in these beauty ads don’t even look like this in real life.

Beginning in April, retail giant CVS is going to stop altering its beauty images used in its marketing material. These marketing images appear in their stores, on their websites, and on their social media channels.

CVS is also asking its partners, Revlon, L’Oreal, and Johnson & Johnson, to also follow suit. Helena Foulkes, who runs CVS’s retail business, said, “Having an unrealistic body image is a significant driver of health issues. We’re looking to make sure we have authenticity and transparency.”

In addition, CVS will launch the “CVS Beauty Mark” which is a watermark. It will appear on all images that have not been altered. If marketing material has been digitally altered (such as a person’s size, shape, proportions, eye color, wrinkles, etc.) the image will have a “digitally modified” label on it.

CVS is aiming to have 80% of all images to be transparent by 2019 and 100% by 2020.

This move toward transparency can also be seen in the recent initiative #SeeHer.
This initiative was launched by the Association of National Advertisers in order to address “unconscious bias” against both women and young girls in advertising, programming, and the media. The Association of National Advertisers said in a statement, “The mission of #SeeHer is to accurately portray all girls and women in media so that by 2020, they see themselves reflected as they truly are.”

What do YOU think? Is digitally enhanced imagery used in beauty advertisements just today’s industry standard or are they harmful to women and young girls?



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