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Cute Rain Boots to Keep you Dry and Stylish

No fashion feat is more difficult than that of remaining stylish while convenient. Seasons come and go, and they often demand that you dress a specific way; a way which sometimes may not fall in line with style. You all know what we’re talking about: the dreaded rain boot. Rain boots are a must for the wetter months. They keep your feet dry and repel any water; you just can’t beat them. The problem arises when you look in the mirror and find yourself looking like a cartoon bear in rain boots and a coat -not cute. Not very cute, but very practical. Well here at VIVA GLAM we refuse to let the weather knock the style out of us, so it’s about time we explored some cute rain boots and how to style them!

Finding Cute Rain Boots

Let’s start with the battle before jumping straight into the war. Before we begin to figure out how to rock our cute rain boots, we need to find them. Finding rain boots that don’t come in the generic styles can be difficult, but not impossible.

Google Ed

You can start by simply googling “ cute rain boots” look around and see what peaks your interest, then pay attention to other key words used to describe the certain boots that you prefer. Did that beautiful metal buckle along the side speak to you? Notice the words “ hardware” used to describe it? Search rain boots with hardware! Tailor your research to your own preferences and you’ll find the right style for you.

Size it Up

One of the most important steps to finding a rain boot that works for you is finding the right size. Now, this is completely different with every individual. You want your rain boot to cinch in at your ankles to keep it in place but you don’t want it to be too tight on your calves. Try, try, and try them on again. Finding the right fit can often be even more important than finding the right style.

Pick a Color

This can be very make or break. It all depends on your personal style. If you’re edgy and fun and want a statement piece that’s going to elevate your outfit, then opt for a bright color or even some crazy patterns.

If you don’t want your rain boots to steal the spotlight and would rather they simply compliment your outfit, then stick to a black or a neutral monochrome boot!

Tips & Tricks for Styling Your Rain Boots

They’re Boots, Too!

The simplest tip to the game is to constantly remind yourself that they’re boots too, so style them as you would with boots! Granted, boots come in many shapes and forms and can be styled accordingly, but so do rain boots!


Photo Credit: Little Blonde Book Blog

For example, these knee high rain boots above are styled as you would with typical knee high boots. Throwing on socks that peep out and pairing it with a short dress or skirt instantly works. We love how she’s paired the deep red boots with some animal print accessories!

Tuck Some Jeans Into Them

Rain boots are known for their wider tops that don’t quite cling to your calves, that gives you the perfect chance to tuck some jeans into them!


Photo Credit: Blogger
Klára Nekulová

Often with normal boots, you tuck jeans into them but have to deal with the tight fit that comes with it. With rain boots, your jeans and legs will have lots of space to breathe!


If you’re going for your typical length rain boots that stop mid calf, then a great option is to give the illusion of a higher boot.


IG @gio.modaofficial

Layer things up with some knee high socks or leg warmers- you can even layer more than one pair of socks at different lengths! This method isn’t only going to keep you warm, but it’s also an easy way to make your rain boots look more stylish.

Ankle Rain Boots?

It’s true, they do exist! Ankle boots are such a style staple, and there’s no reason your rain boots can’t rock the trend too!


IG @silkeblogs

Rain boots come in many shapes and sizes, and ankle length ones are a great option if you’re not in the middle of a torrential downpour. These are perfect for a light rain!



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