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Cruelty-Free Hair Products

When you’ve decided to live the vegan lifestyle, one of the most difficult aspects is finding products that meet your new standards. We’re not just talking about food; it’s easy to find food that doesn’t use any sort of animal products, but jumping into the Vegan lifestyle is far more than just watching what you eat; it’s a commitment to the Earth, and it’s a commitment to the animals around us.

You will likely want every product in your life to conform to the Vegan lifestyle. CEO’s of major corporations are being held to those same standards – at least if they expect you to buy their products. We’ve put together a brief list of cruelty-free hair products that you can count on to fit your vegan lifestyle and provide you with a quality experience.



The company was founded in 1979 and has long been focusing on high end organic hair products which include shampoos, conditioners, repair treatments, and even coloring. Additionally they sell lotions and scrubs, along with anything else you could possibly need to make your hair look its best without compromising your integrity or your beliefs. One of the best examples we’ve seen as of late is the Smooth as Silk line which addresses the issue of dry or damaged hair – a godsend for many.


cruelty free hair care product Giovanni



Kevin Murphey

When you use this product you’re standing on the shoulders of countless celebrities that have looked to Kevin Murphy for his expertise and guidance in the area of hair. Murphey has had a highly impressive career for the last two decades, having established himself as an icon in the industry. One product of his that we really like is Blonde Angel Wash, which helps to keep your pristine blonde hair from yellowing or becoming brassy. It’s a purple shampoo that is not only highly effective, but cruelty free!


cruelty free hair care product Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel



Paul Mitchell

This is a brand name that you’ve seen more than once whether you’ve been looking for it intentionally or not. Paul Mitchell has the distinction of being the very first professional beauty company to take a stand against animal testing, and ultimately setting the standard for the industry. They understand that caring for the planet is just as important as making a profit – a rare quality in most companies.


cruelty free hair care product Paul Mitchell



John Masters

Finally, we have John Master’s, a top stylist, having first risen to his fame in the 1970’s. He founded his company in Soho, New York, and has dedicated both his life and his company to producing some of the greatest and most eco friendly products in the industry. One product of his that we really liked is the oraganic, Zinc & Sage Shampoo, which is perfect for all hair types. It smells like honey and coconut, so really, what’s not to like about it?



cruelty free hair care product John Masters


Rare El’ements

Rare El’ements is endorsed by top celebrity stylists and includes five luxury spa products. The collaboration between a well-known Beverly Hills Salon Owner and a Fashion Model has created the perfect hair product. Together, they elevated the expectations for the eco-chic generation of today by proving that you don’t have to sacrifice high-performance when it comes to selecting healthy hair.  All natural, color safe, with no silicones, sulfates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances, this cruelty-free hair care line is PURE LUXURY!


cruelty free hair care product Rare Elements El'ements


Cruelty free hair products can be hard to find, but you can trust us when we say that they’re out there, just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Don’t sacrifice your morals for great hair when there are so many companies willing and ready to work with you.



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