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Crayola & ASOS Collab for a New Beauty Line!

It seems like everyone is launching a cosmetic line these days, but this announcement managed to turn some heads with curiosity and excitement: Crayola announced that they launched their own beauty line with ASOS!
Crayola, yes, the same company behind crayons and markers and other art supplies is branching out and released an exclusive beauty line with ASOS that will feature 58 wonderful products.

According to Bustle, the collection includes lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, and highlighters. Each item has been created using 95 bright colors and the main objective is to get people to flaunt their creativity when it comes to their makeup. Thanks to its rainbow colorful shades, it is a great way to let your imagination shine and show your support this Pride month.

Most of the products can be safely used almost anywhere on your face, which is handy enough. The Crayola makeup range is entirely cruelty-free and vegan too, so the only thing you’ll need to feel guilty about is how much money you’ll be spending as you’ll want the whole collection. Another cute detail is that each item has been made to look like actual Crayola crayons (including the packaging!), so there’s a throwback feel to the whole collection, taking you back to your childhood.

If you are a little timid when it comes to color, don’t worry! Crayola has created a set with nothing but nude shades. Other palettes are there to allow you to create a perfect smoky eye or mermaid-inspired makeup. The brand has also used color-changing technology for their lip crayons. And instead of having mascaras in regular colors, Crayola gives you bright and more subdued shades of blue.

All the products are now available at ASOS, and the prices ranges go from $9 to under $40. The entire line is amazing, not only for having shades for people of all ethnicities, but also because it is also cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan. So, let the imagination from your inner kid fly and create new beauty looks in style.



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