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Could Kate’s Baby Come Today?

Many Royal watchers are waiting in eager anticipation to see the arrival of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s new baby.  New sources have now hinted that the Royal baby’s REAL due date is TODAY or tomorrow!

Kate herself has said that her due date is “mid to late April”.  And although the 25thhas been the favored date, no actual date has been confirmed.  Kensington Palace said, “We haven’t ever confirmed a due date.  The Duchess herself said mid to late April and there have been plenty of dates bandied around in the media, but we’ve never confirmed anything and we never will.”

The Duchess is at Kensington Palace, just a short drive to St. Mary’s Hospital where she is due to give birth. With excitement in the air and the birth only a day or a few days away at most, the world awaits with eager anticipation to welcome the newest member of the British Royal Family!


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