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This Color Changing Hair is Like Witchcraft!

Hair that changes color before your very eyes? Sorcery! Witchcraft or not… we’re loving every minute of learning about this new occult inspired glamour involving the world’s first color-changing hair dye. Do you have to be an occultist to use it? Nope. Do you have to love cutting edge glamor and lean towards couture? You do. If you fall into that category, take a closer look with us at this brand new, incredibly fascinating hair dye called Fire.


What Is It?

It’s called Fire dye, it’s made by The Unseen, and it literally changes colors right before your eyes as the temperature fluctuates in you and around you. It’s available in multiple color ranges from bright rainbow colors to subtle pastels, and the dye itself is semi-permanent: several washes and it’s gone. The dye was inspired by the 90s movie “The Craft” – specifically the scene with the iconic hair color change.



What is The Unseen?

The Unseen is a science driven “art house” run by occultist Lauren Bowker, who actually invented the dye herself. The Unseen thrives on blending matter into materials that are focused on seeing the supernatural unseen. They do this by combining science, art, design and performance to create products that enhance the unseen.


How Does The Fire Dye Work?

Inventor Lauren Bowker used her scientific expertise to create color shifting crystals that can be used in a number of ways – as headpieces, in clothing, as dye. Some of her work can be controlled remotely via an app, which is a really awesome facet for those tech savvy lovers of all things couture. The crazy thing? Bowker says she didn’t necessarily try to invent the color shifting crystals, it just happened when she was, “messing about in the lab”. The dye itself is incredibly user-friendly and works very similarly to the way a mood ring works. Bowker says, “When heat hits the pigment, or if the cool hits the pigment, it changes the bonds of the chemistry to give you a different color, so it’s like a chemical reaction.”



Is It Available for Purchase?

Sadly, the Fire Dye is not available in retail just yet. Currently, The Unseen is seeking a corporate partner that can help invest in bringing the product to market. Those who have interest should get in touch with The Unseen via their website to begin a partnership that will bring this new technology to market.


The technology we’re seeing these days relating to fashion is completely blowing our minds, and this Fire Dye by the Unseen is no exception.




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