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Colette Carr Talks About the Making of “Play House” and her Upcoming Sophomore Album

Two weeks ago, the stunning and talented Colette Carr released her latest single “Play House” which is already closing in on 1/2 of a million views. This Kawaii Nation
artist is definitely one to watch as her music is a beautiful combination of catchy pop melodies with deep, emotional lyrics, and innovative, modern production. Luckily, “Play House” is just the beginning as her second album is currently in the works.

We talked to Colette about the making of “Play House” as a track and the music video, her fun sense of style, and
how being uncomfortable helped her grow as an artist.



Q&A with Colette Carr

What inspired the track “Play House”?

A boy, of course. I met a guy who made me want to put on a silly dress, cook dinner, bake cookies, vacuum rugs, and grow baby humans inside of me.


In the video for “Play House”, you appear to play a crazy woman with different personas, but every instance that scares your man makes perfect sense by the end of the video.
How did you come up with this concept?

Shane Drake started to come up with this concept over some strong coffee and then we refined it together over some fried chicken sandwiches.
I was instantaneously excited by his idea and I would have never come up with such an elaborate treatment on my own because I would have never thought that we could pull off making a mini movie on an indie budget with only 12 hours to shoot. But that’s because I didn’t know how great Shane Drake is.
Now I know.


You also wear a lot of retro clothing for this video.
Why was it important to you to make the video emulate the typical American household in the 50s versus today’s version of “playing house”?

I don’t really think there is a today’s version of playing house. All the “rules” have been broken; everyone seems to drum to their own beat.
The 50s had such a clear voice of what “playing house” [meant]. It’s so specific and adorable in a ‘Pleasantville’ kind of way and that’s how the guy I wrote the song about made me feel, like I needed a ruffled apron and the right pair of heels so I could whip up a candlelit dinner in style.
Shane and I went vintage shopping for the all of the wardrobe to make sure everything was perfect. We worked so hard to get the details right, and shout out to Larry for the car in the opening scene!
The whole team really came though and came together to make this video a success in my eyes and I couldn’t be more grateful or prouder of our mini movie.


Photo by Matt Sayles @msayles

Photo by Matt Sayles @msayles


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