Coconut Greens: The Shortcut to Eating Your Greens

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Now you can have your coconut water and your greens in the same drink.

Coconut Greens, a company based out of Farmingdale, New York, offers a supercharged supergreen powder blend that will change the way you drink your green smoothies.

Coconut Greens offers a coconut-water-based supergreen powder enriched with vitamins and organic spirulina, chlorella, kale, wheatgrass, and other “good greens.” All of the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, gluten free, and dairy free, which makes it a great supplement alternative for vegan and vegetarians.

You can stay hydrated, detox, and remain energized all day long. Better yet, one scoop of Coconut Greens contains 8-10 servings of greens per serving. If you’re on the go or have a busy lifestyle, grab coconut water and scoop it into your drink and without worry that there will be a gritty aftertaste. Unlike most powders, Coconut Greens tastes pure and uses high quality ingredients including a coconut-water-based powder. You can totally taste the difference. Plus, the green powder is full of veggies packed with Vitamin B to help you stay rejuvenated all day long.

Feel good, live better! Get your greens with Coconut Greens.


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Order today on Amazon! Each purchase of Coconut Greens goes to a child at risk for Vitamin A deficiency. They paired up with a non-profit organization Vitamin Angels to help reduce childhood mortality by providing them with essential supplements.

Visit their Instagram for weekly recipes and for a superfood green powder that helps balance your sugar levels, the natural way.

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Coconut Greens- The Shortcut to Eating Your Greens - viva glam magazine



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