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Clothing Optional Resorts: Where to Vacation in the Nude

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As June 14th is National Nude Day, VIVA GLAM decided to take a look at the top clothing-optional resorts around the world. 

Some clothing optional places are for people just wanting to catch some rays sans the bikini. Others are “lifestyle” resorts that entail a bit of sexiness. So, it is important to be certain which type of resort you are going to so you won’t be surprised or disappointed in your decision.

Also, make certain you understand the rules and regulations of each resort before visiting. For example, did you know it is common courtesy at a clothing optional resort to bring a towel to sit on wherever you go? And staring is considered rude. Small things like this matter, so make certain you know the proper etiquette for each place before you go.

Sun, sand, water and fun!  If you’re interested in vacationing in your birthday suit, these just might be the ideal places for you!


Desire Pearl Riviera Maya

This clothing optional resort is located in exotic Cancun, Mexico.  You can’t come here alone as this is a “lifestyle” resort for couples only.  This is a sexy place to be and they even often pole dancing lessons!  


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