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The Classic Gin and Tonic

Every glam girl needs to try a gin and tonic at least once.

A gin and tonic is one of the simplest and most refreshing cocktails to enjoy. To celebrate International Gin and Tonic Day, here’s a little bit about the history of G&T’s courtesy of London No 1 Gin.


What is gin made from?

Quality gin gets its flavor from being re-distilled with botanicals, the most important being juniper. Other botanicals can include citrus peel and cardamom. There are many different styles of gin and one of the most well-known is the London dry style, like London No 1 Gin. London dry style means that the spirit must be distilled to at least 70% ABV and cannot contain artificial ingredients or added coloring.

Is gin British?

Many people associate gin with Great Britain due to its historical popularity across the pond, but the spirit actually comes from Holland. Dutch pharmacies began to sell gin in the 17th century for medical reasons such as a treatment for stomach problems.

Where does tonic water come from? 

In the 19th century, Britons abroad were using quinine to prevent malaria, but quinine is very bitter so they began mixing it with soda water and a little sugar, leading to the creation of tonic water.


London No 1 Gin is a captivating turquoise-blue color and is distilled in London with 12 botanicals. The delicate flavors of spice and balsamic herbs make it an ideal base for a quintessential gin and tonic cocktail to celebrate the day.


The No 1 Gin and Tonic 

2 oz  London No 1 Gin
4 oz Fever Tree Tonic Water
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
Lime twist


Pour gin into a glass filled with ice, add tonic water, then lime juice and stir. Garnish with a lime twist.



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