Does Your Child Have What it Takes to Become America’s Next Kids Top Model?

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America’s Next Kids Top Model?


Perhaps you’ve been out with your son or daughter and someone has approached you and said, “You’re child should become a star!” And indeed, this might be true. But how exactly do you find out if your child has the potential to become successful in the entertainment industry? And whom do you trust?  America’s Next Kids Top Model knows exactly how to determine potential success and talent in a child. They also know how to nurture this talent and place your child in front of industry professionals who can take them to the next level of success.


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Photographer Megan Dendinger (full credits at hte bottom of article)


America’s Next Kids Top Model team is comprised of fashion editors, stylists, children’s photographers, editors, and moms. They are working professionals in the industry and have logged in countless hours creating editorials, campaigns, and runway shows. And although they have years of experience and a lot of behind-the-scenes hard work, they are still excited about discovering the next new talented fresh face – and that’s exactly why they founded America’s Next Kids Top Model!


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Photographer Megan Dendinger (full credits at the bottom of article)


We met with Barbara Lightfoot, founder of America’s Next Kids Top Model, to find out more about what it takes to make it in one of the most competitive industries in the world.


First off, we wanted to know what exactly are they looking for. Barbara told me that each child has a unique quality. They look for a beautiful smile and that special gleam in a child’s eyes. The ANKTM team knows exactly what that “IT” factor is and the winners of last season were treated to an incredible experience of a lifetime.


During the first season, ten different children from ten states across the country received a trip to a special location where that had a photo shoot and interview!


And this season will be even more spectacular! The winners will receive over $500.00 in wardrobe, shout outs on social media and an all-expense trip to Los Angeles for a fashion show! Winners will also get representation from America’s Next Kids Top Model, have a profile page on www.americasnextkidstopmodel.com, and shoot for the cover of a specifically selected magazine!


Since Barbara has helped so many young people enter into the entertainment industry, we asked her for advice for children and their parents about to embark on a career in this exciting industry. She told us, “Personally, my advice is if you are entering into this business, you can’t rely on an agent or representative to make your child successful. You, as a parent, must also put in 100% into helping and promoting your child. It is a very competitive business!”


America’s Next Kids Top Model, 2 girls & a boy

Photographer Megan Dendinger (full credits at the bottom of article)


What is the key to longevity in this business? “Originality, and bringing heart into your projects is vital. Even individuals that don’t meet the usual requirements for modeling such as height, weight, or clothing size have a chance at success if they keep moving forward, think positively and always keep smiling!”


America’s Next Kids Top Model sees pure magic and beauty in every single child, not just the ones who happen to have agents or fit specific requirements.  They believe every child deserves his or her chance in the spotlight and they want to open up modeling opportunities to children from all walks of life!


America’s Next Kids Top Model, 2 girls full length

Photographer Megan Dendinger (full credits at the bottom of article)


America’s Next Kids Top Model is currently looking for sponsors and advertisers to help support the next series! If you would like to join them and collaborate, please email them at: [email protected] as they have many options for collaborating on this exceptional project!


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