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Chic Winter Hats You Will Want to Consider

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Why do you love wintertime? We love wintertime because it’s the time of year we can wear items and accessories that we can’t wear any other time: heavy coats, scarves, even hats. Worn correctly, hats are an item that can complete an outfit better than anything else. Hats can be worn as a statement piece, focal point, or as a compliment to an existing look. No matter your reason or occasion, we think there are a few chic winter hats that you might want to consider for this season.


Stella McCartney’s Beret

We love Stella McCartney because of her commitment to all things vegetarian, even with her designs. She cares deeply about animals, is an active member of PETA, and does her part to sustain the environment both in life and her work. Needless to say, when she came out with the beret, we jumped all over it. The perfect accent for a sleek blouse topped with a long, stylish trench coat, the classy beret happens to be well worth the $280 McCartney is asking for it.

chic winter hats Stella McCartney's beret


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