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Chic Ways to Rock Your Cause

When you’re trying to support a cause, you want everyone to know it. You want to be loud and proud, whether you’re fighting for minorities, for the underprivileged, or even LGBT rights. They’re all equally important, and there are SO many other causes that you might want to put yourself towards. So here’s a question: how do you spread the word, more so than you already are? That can be a really tough question, obviously, but it’s not without an answer. NYFW was abundant with designers expressing their passionate feels, and showing you how you can rock your cause as well.


tommy-hilfiger-white-bandana-Gigi Hadid-Photo-Robyn-Beck-AFP

Gigi Hadid rocking the #tiedtogether cause at NYFW Tommy Hilfiger Show. Photo Robyn Beck AFP


Recently, fashion companies have been using their clothing as a platform to promote their cause, for example, Maria Grazia Chiuri recently made history as the first woman to serve as a creative director at Christian Dior. As soon as she made her way into the office, she showcased a t-shirt stating: “We Should All Be Feminists”.

The new style was embraced by many celebrities but it came with a price – a $700 price tag to be precise. For those of us who don’t have $700 to sell out on a t-shirt, this tends to be a bit of a problem, even though the proceeds were being sent to the Rihanna’s non-profit organization: The Clara Lionel Foundation.


There is also Anniesa Hasibuan, who paired a hijab with every look that strutted down the runway.

Anniesa-Hasibuan-hijab-NYFW-Credit Beawiharta-Reuters

Photo Beawiharta / Reuters


Politics Sells and Fashion Speaks

Right now, the nation is divided, there’s really no other way to put it. There could be many reasons for this division; we could say it’s a line between those who believe in human rights, and those who don’t, but instead of opening that can of worms, let’s talk about how you can represent your cause without spending nearly $1000 on a t-shirt.

Fashion speaks. You can yell as loud as you want, but if your voice doesn’t carry, you’re going to have a problem. If you really want to spread the word, do it through your fashion choices.


Stella-McCartney-Paris-FW-Photo-Valerio-Mezzanotti The New York Times

Stella McCartney show at Paris FW. Photo Valerio Mezzanotti /The New York Times



Photo via Getty Images


Do it Yourself and Make a Difference

Here’s a thought: if you want to promote your cause fashionably, all you’re going to need is a t-shirt and a marker. If you want to take it to the next level, however, try having your own t-shirts designed. It can cost a bit more than a marker, but you get a lot more for what you pay. Some of the most popular companies for custom t-shirts will include:


Politicians are making decisions in Washington DC right now, and not all of those decisions benefit us. They’re often made out of respect for finance, and while they might not necessarily be malicious against us (though some of them are), the waves and ripples those decisions cause can destroy a decade’s worth of progress with the stroke of a pen. We might not be able to fight on their level, but we can take up our cause in the streets, and when we’re not protesting, we can wear attire that spreads a message. A simple t-shirt can plant the seeds of resistance, and today, those seeds are needed more than ever.


Bloggers Bryan Boy, Tina Craig, Irene Kim, Aimee Song and Chriselle Lim wear resistance t-shirts by the designer Prabal Gurung.

Bloggers Bryan Boy, Tina Craig, Irene Kim, Aimee Song and Chriselle Lim wear resistance t-shirts by the designer Prabal Gurung.



Our Fashion Hero was rocking one of her many causes as well! Express yo’self Diane Von Furstenberg!





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