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Cheers to Vegan Oktoberfest 2016!

Every Year is a Good Year For Vegan Oktoberfest


This year’s Vegan Oktoberfest was a huge success with thousands of guests eager to sample what this premiere festival had to offer! Held at LA Center Studios in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Vegan Oktoberfest featured a fantastic lineup of entertainment, food and, of course, beer!


There was so much to see and do this year including a yodeling contest, costume contest, and even a stein holding contest! And guests enjoyed traditional Oompah music courtesy of The Munich Boomsteiners and 80’s and 90’s music from Knyght Ryder! And no celebration is complete without DJ/MC Shawn Alexander who was on hand to pump the crowd up with beats on the dance floor!


We snacked on glorious vegan cupcakes from the Dreamy Creations Cupcake Truck and Greek food from Gourmet Genie!


vegan oktoberfest Candace Kita cupcake


vegan oktoberfest Candace Kita eating


And we just had to say hi to Happy Cow!


vegan oktoberfest Candace Kita with Happy Cow

I decided to wear my Zuma boots from Pammie’s Life to the event. These 100% vegan boots are made of recycled electronic components! What a stylish and modern way to live compassionately!


vegan oktoberfest Candace Kita with VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE


This was the best beer, food and vegan festival all rolled into one! Congratulations Oktoberfest for another stellar year of compassionate, cruelty free





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