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Those of us who love to follow celebrities tend to be fascinated by the intrinsic details and grand features of their lives. A celebrity who owns a tropical island? Has our attention instantly. The luxury… the privacy… the freedom and the beauty… can you even imagine? That’s what when we read about celebrities who own their own islands, our minds burst with envy, and we do everything we can to live vicariously through them. Take a look at these celebrity owned islands!


Mel Gibson – Mago Island, Fiji

Fiji is a dream destination for most people; a vacation to a world class resort there is on the top of bucket lists everywhere. Buying your own island in Fiji? Simply unheard of, unless you’re Mel Gibson. Gibson bought Mago Island in Fiji in 2005, and has been seen lounging there many times since.


celebrity owned islands Mel Gibson Mago Island, Fiji


Map of Mel Gibson Mago Island, Fiji




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