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Celebrate National Hydration Day with These Healthy Alternative Drinks

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Over the past two decades, the drink industry in America has exploded. We’re no longer stuck with a plain coffee, tea, water, or sugary energy drink. Now we are practically laden with healthy options left and right. From coconut water to naturally-flavored sparkling water, we can choose whatever our heart desires. Below are some really fun options to try the next time you need to hydrate…which is all day every day!


Tickle Water

Trying to find an alternative to sodas and have yet to succeed? This just might do it for you. Tickle Water is a naturally-flavored sparkling water that is free of preservatives, GMOs, gluten, sodium, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. It’s marketed towards kids but the can is so chic no one will know! Choose from cola, green apple, watermelon, or plain sparkling.


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