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Easy Ways to Contribute to Global Wellness Day

Helping our planet on Global Wellness Day is fun and easy!

This week you might not have time to celebrate Global Wellness Day in a big way. But did you know you can do small, simple things that will help our environment? That’s right! Here are some easy ways to make our planet better!

Bring Your Own Lunch

By bringing your own lunch to work or school you can not only save a little money, but you can choose non-GMO, organic, and healthy options! Also, by not eating out, you use less take-out Styrofoam or plastic containers, drink cups, lids, stirrers, napkins, and condiment packages!

global wellness lunch

Brush Your Teeth in the Shower

By doing a simple task such as brushing your teeth in the shower rather than in the sink, you save water! If you do choose to brush your teeth in the sink, shut off the water while you brush.

Bike to Work

If you live close to your work, why not try biking to work? Not only will you get some exercise, you’ll be saving the environment by not using your car!

bike to work global wellness

Shut off Your Lights

Conserve energy if you are not using lights in a room.

Don’t Fill Your Bathtub to the Top

Did you know that if you fill your bathtub only half way, you will still get clean and save over 12 gallons of water per bath? Also, if you choose to take a shower, limit your time to 5 minutes. This will save 12.5 gallons of water per shower!

Recycle water used indoors

Instead of throwing out the water from your fish tank, recycle it to water plants outdoors! It is bio-rich and your plants will thank you for it!

fish tank global wellness

Make a compost heap

By saving leftover vegetable and fruit scraps from your meals, you can create a compost heap outside. Once this turns to usable fertilizer, distribute it in your garden to create nitrogen-rich soil! Your new vegetables and fruits will love it!

Use a Blanket

Rather than turning on the heat, try the old fashioned method for getting warm-wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket! Also, socks, sweaters, slippers and other warm clothing options are ideal for conserving heat!






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