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Celebrate Chinese New Year with These Mouthwatering Recipes!

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The Chinese New Year Celebration starts this weekend, what are you going to prepare?

 As many of you already know, this weekend marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year! Also known as “The Spring Festival”, this year’s celebration honors the Year of the Rooster.


This year’s symbol is the Fire Rooster and is characterized by being trustworthy and having a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility. But other positive characteristics of past roosters include being generous, determined, brave, smart, tenderhearted, compassionate and popular with their friends. They are also active, amusing and like to talk. Roosters are also attractive and beautiful. So perhaps it makes sense that celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are all roosters!


Roosters love the spotlight and are charming. They love being in the company of others and are happiest in a party or event. So if you are a rooster or know some roosters, this is your time to celebrate!


Customs include an elaborate dinner with friends and family.  And dumplings with a vegetarian filling are served prominently at the celebration. Popular themes of Chinese New Year are good fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity.


So share the spotlight with your rooster friends! Celebrate prosperity, wellness, and joy this year with your loved ones and these sumptuous recipes!


Dim Sum Soy Sauce Chow Mein Noodles

Dim Sum means “touch the heart”. And these tasty noodles will impress everyone you serve them to!




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