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VIVA GLAM Supermodels

  • Belizean Beauty


    vivaglamJune 14, 2014
  • Summer 2013 Cover Model Ashley Diana Morris

    See more of Ashley in our Digital edition. Subscribe today! Photos by Deja Jordan, Makeup by Katarina Van Derham, Hair by...

    vivaglamAugust 28, 2013
  • May 2013 Cover Model Katarina Benzova

    Photos by Deja Jordan, Makeup/Hair by Katarina Van Derham, Styling by Rene Sweeney using Angela Haake designs and Glamarella jewelry. To...

    Katarina Van DerhamMay 31, 2013
  • March 2013 Cover Model Cindy Cohen

    See more of Cindy in our Digital edition. Subscribe today! Photos by Deja Jordan, Makeup by Sunset Blonde, Hair by Angelica...

    vivaglamMay 30, 2013
  • April 2013 Cover Model Katie Cleary

    See more of Katie in our Digital edition. Subscribe today! Photos by Deja Jordan, Makeup/Hair and Styling by Katarina Van Derham

    vivaglamApril 30, 2013
  • Meet This Brazilian Beauty, Greice Santo

    Greice, how long have you lived in Los Angeles? Long enough to know that I hate it and I love it....

    Katarina Van DerhamFebruary 22, 2013
  • February 2013 Cover Model Brittany Mason

    If you watched the series premiere of "The Face" early this month, you would already have a soft spot for our...

    Katarina Van DerhamFebruary 19, 2013
  • MAXIM’s 2013 Hometown Hotties Winner Dessie Mitcheson

    What girl doesn’t dream about winning Maxim’s annual Hometown Hotties search? This beautiful green-eyed brunette from Apollo, Pennsylvania has already won...

    vivaglamJanuary 7, 2013

    Find out why we called this Fashion editorial LOVE STINGS by subscribing to Viva Glam Magazine Online Edition. Members will find...

    Katarina Van DerhamJanuary 7, 2013
  • Sofia Pernas

    Sofia Pernas is our readers's favorite Viva Glam model of 2012. She is a true natural beauty and not just on...

    Katarina Van DerhamJanuary 4, 2013
  • December 2012 Cover Model Marzia Prince

    Photo by Deja Jordan, Makeup/Hair/Styling by Sunset Blonde

    Katarina Van DerhamDecember 24, 2012
  • Everlasting Love For Summer

    Fashion Editorial, September 2012 Issue. Model: Patrice, Makeup: Katarina Van Derham, Hair: Angelica Curiel, Photography: Deja Jordan and Ben Grenard

    Katarina Van DerhamNovember 9, 2012
  • October 2012 Cover Model Alanna Kolette

    Photography: Deja Jordan, Makeup/Hair/Styling: Katarina Van Derham

    Katarina Van DerhamNovember 4, 2012
  • August 2012 Cover Model Jesse Golden

    On my scale of beauty, I rate women as Pretty, Beautiful and Beyond Beautiful. Pretty represents a woman who has a...

    Katarina Van DerhamAugust 6, 2012
  • July 2012 Cover Model Sofia Pernas

    Cover feature with Sofia Pernas. Photography: Deja Jordan, Makeup/Hair: Katarina Van Derham, Styling: Rene Sweeney

    Katarina Van DerhamJuly 6, 2012
  • “All You Need is Love” with Sona Skoncova

    Fashion Editorial, June 2012 Issue. Model: Sona Skoncova, Makeup/Hair/Styling: Katarina Van Derham, Photography: Deja Jordan

    vivaglamJune 2, 2012