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Cannabis Will Soon be in Your Skincare and Cosmetics

Have you been wondering what may be next in the world of cosmetics? With color-changing nail polish, KFC-flavored nail polish (gross!), and multi-colored lipsticks, it’s no surprise that skincare and cosmetic companies are soon going to be looking elsewhere for innovation. First up, cannabis will soon be a new

It’s all starting with
MCG Pharmaceuticals, a medicinal and cosmetic cannabis company based in Perth, Australia. The European Commission’s Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) approved the distribution of MGC Derma Cannabidoil based products throughout Europe.

So what we will see first? MCG’s
goal is to produce up to 50 unique products. They will start with a moisturizing day cream, active firming anti-aging mask, active whitening facial cream, and an anti puffiness and dark circles eye serum.

There’s been no mention as to the function of cannabis in skincare or cosmetics or when these products will be approved in the U.S.

Would you buy skincare or cosmetics with cannabis? Let us know in the comments!


UPDATE (5/25/16)

MCG Pharmaceuticals have won approval from the FDA to sell cannabis-based anti-aging cosmetics in America. Their first official U.S. sale is through a distribution deal with California’s C&M CBD Holding for cannabis-based cosmetic products.

Despite cannabis not being legal in all 50 states, the products can still be legally imported into all 50 states.


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