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Canada’s National Parks are Free in 2017

If you’re anything like us, you love the thought of getting out in the great outdoors, but you don’t love it if it’s just in your own backyard. Parks, landmarks, and far away lands are on your mind, and nothing excites you more than being outdoors and able to explore brand new places, take in brand new sights. Ever been to Canada? This year, Canada National Parks are completely free for the entire year!


The Discovery Pass

All you need to entire into any one of Canada’s 171 National Parks is a Discovery Pass. And guess what? It’s completely free. You can register for the pass online, and keep in mind only one is needed per car or family. Do keep in mind that other fees (like parking, tours, camping) do usually exist, and are not included with the Discovery Pass. All in all, though – we say that’s a great deal. So… where can you go, exactly? What are some of the greats as far as Canada National Parks?


Jasper National Park in Alberta

Imagine a crisp landscape that includes turquoise waters surrounded by tall, rugged mountains topped in glacial ice fields. This is what you find at Jasper National Park in Alberta, one of the most popular park destinations in the country. Wildlife are abundant – in visiting the park you’re likely to come across bighorn sheep, caribou, elk, bears and others. What we love the most about Jasper National Park, though, can’t be seen during the day… you need to go at night. Jasper is, what’s called, a “Dark-sky Preserve”, meaning it is one of the best places to go stargazing in the entire world.


Torngat Mountains National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador

This Canada National Park is truly something special for more reasons than one. We’ll start with perhaps the most unique thing about the park: its entire staff is Inuit. What does this mean for you? When you go, you’ll not only view brilliant landscapes and unique scenes, you’ll be completely submerged in the culture as you interact with inhabitants of the land. This takes your experience to a completely new level! Let’s not forget other obvious draws to the park: the Saglek Fjord, Eastern Canada’s highest peaks, the Northern Lights, and the abundant wildlife.


Wapusk National Park in Manitoba

If you love polar bears as much as we do, you’ll certainly want to venture to this National Park. “Bear” in mind, though, that the park is only accessible via helicopter, which, incidentally, isn’t a freebie. However, if you love the frozen tundra and can make the trip in February, you won’t regret spending the money: a helicopter tour of Wapusk National Park during that time will present priceless views of snow covered landscapes and – that’s right – baby polar bears.


You might be the most indoorsy person in the world, but when you hear about Canada’s National Parks – the sweeping views and unique experience they offer – and then you consider that a visit to all 171 is completely free? You’re packing your bags and hitting the road for Canada.




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