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Can You Guess the Best and Worst States for Summer Road Trips?

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Planning road trips for the summer are one of the best experiences you can have, especially if you share them with your friends and family. With WalletHub‘s research, we present you the best and worst states in the USA for summer road trips. They investigated three categories including “costs,” “safety,” and “activities.” Some scored greatly, while others scored terribly. Maybe you’ll be sad to hear that Hawaii and Rhode Island are not the best options, but you still can check out 10 amazing states that will provide you with the best possible road trip ever. Take a look at the specifics why all of these places are either good or bad to drive around as summer comes to a close in 2018.



Grand Teton, Wyoming

If you are planning a summer road trip, make sure to put Wyoming on top of your list. It is the most affordable city in all of the 50 that were taken into consideration, plus offers the lowest camping prices.


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