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Bubalina Body Butter to Comfort Your Dry Skin

Winter is a time when your skin is at its driest. So sometimes a traditional lotion is not enough. I like to super hydrate my skin with a product that is richer and will hold in more moisture. Bubbalina Beauty Body Cream is the perfect answer. These body butter creams soothe, calm and revitalize the skin. And the scents are absolutely intoxicating! Scents such as Cherry Marzipan, Cool Cucumber Melon, Acai Berry and Wild Pomegranate, so fragrant and aromatic!

 My personal favorite is Cherry Marzipan which smells of fresh cherry and almond  I can’t keep away from it! What a perfect elixir for your skin after a night out on the town!




To order your own Bubbalina Beauty soothing body butter cream, visit their official website:

And check out their other yummy scents such as Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Lavender, Persimmon Sun and so much more!


photos: Novarre K. Joseph


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