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Brooke Lewis: “We Need to Value Ourselves More”

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You’ve lived in L.A. for many years now. How would you say the dating game has changed in Hollywood in the last decade? What needs to change now?

First of all, because of the success of digital dating and social media, it really has changed, and not so much for the better. It’s just another outlet where you can meet someone digitally and have things move too quickly. I think choices are amazing, but when you have too many choices, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. On one hand, it’s great because you can meet people in another city and country. On the other hand, you have so many options that you don’t choose to be exclusive, especially with young women in Hollywood. I am the biggest proponent of young women making powerful choices. I think women have just taken over the masculine role that encourages women to choose the guy and that’s opened up this whole door for a lack of courting and lack of romance. Yes, let’s Tinder it up. But I do think that it’s become this trend. It needs to go back to more of a courting process. We need to value ourselves more and allow them to win our hearts.


Do you find that people in Hollywood have a lower sense of self-esteem than other cities?

Yes, I really do. You feel like you’re in a competition, whether in career or dating. Even when I go out to brunch, you feel that sense of having to look good. You might run into a casting director or ex-boyfriend. It does create an unhealthy experience.

On the flip side, I think that so many people come here to live the dream and, unfortunately, people who are drawn to the entertainment industry are drawn for the wrong reasons. They come here with false hopes and dreams and they are the people who have low self-esteem. They come to find fulfillment. They’re here with a void to fill. Or they have false arrogance.

It’s such a strange existence. You have to love it to stay. But there are also some true artists around here.


You’re also an actress, which means that you often step into character roles. Has that ever helped you be more empathetic in your dating life and relationships? 

I think so. That what it’s helped me do, when you’re getting into a character and looking into all sides of a character. No one has just one or two sides. I think that by opening up and understanding human behavior, it has helped me as an actress to understand people in general.


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