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Brianne’s Natural Beauty Round-Up: September 2016

The seasons are changing which means it’s time for another natural beauty round-up!

Winds are picking up, schools are back in session, layers are being worn. It can only mean it’s fall. With each new season comes new changes for your skincare and makeup choices. You’re no longer sweating off your summer makeup but now you have to worry about mild wind chill.

You can find everything from all-in-one makeup palettes to individual lipsticks and highlighters, as well as shave cream, face wash, serums, and face masks. Enjoy the ride and stock up while you can!


100% Pure

Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick: Primrose

Lipsticks are one of the easiest beauty products to buy non-toxic as there’s no liquid base. (Usually the bad chemicals are added to keep liquids from drying out or going bad.) This brand of lipstick is one of the best we’ve tried, but with a price tag to match. But even at $29 a tube, it’s worth buying at least one because you will want to wear it every chance you get.

The lipstick is pigmented with fruit. This particular one, Primrose, is an anti-aging lipstick with pomegranate oil. It smells heavenly, it’s long-lasting, and super pigmented.




Maracuja Mascara: Dark Chocolate

On the contrary, mascara is one of the hardest beauty products to buy non-toxic because of its liquid base. But this formula is one of the few non-toxic mascaras that won’t smudge if you have longer lashes. Plus it actually smells like dark chocolate!




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