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Brianne’s Favorite Natural Beauty Products: Spring 2018

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Toner/Face Mist

Toner is essential for neutralizing your pH balance after washing your face. In the summer, it’s also a little extra hydration for your tired and dry skin.

Pacifica Rose Flower Hydro Mist

This blend of rose water and kombucha will tone and balance your skin for a quick refresher any time of day.


EiR NYC, Brooklyn
Hydrating Face Mist + Toner

Utilizing witch hazel and rose hydrosol to reduce redness and calm the skin, this toner can work double-duty as a natural sunblock remover.

Province Apothecary Invigorating + Balancing Toner

This rose and geranium toner is one of the most pleasant-smelling and effective toners I have tried. It’s gentle, quick to absorb, and helps cool down the skin.

Lua Skincare Rose Mint Skin Tonic

For this tonic, the formula’s special kicker is the peppermint, which fights off acne-causing bacteria, lifts your mood, and provides some mental clarity to wake you up in the morning! It’s also great for a refreshing mist on a hot day.

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