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Bold Shifting with Hope

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“We must have hope. Hope is the form of planning. If we want to see change, we need to be conscious of the possibility of change before we pursue it…this is hope in action. If we don’t have hope, we are defeated before we begin. Hope is the beginning of all change.”

Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for…” We can’t have faith if we don’t  have hope. We have to believe with everything we have inside ourselves that what God has put in our hearts will become a reality, that we will accomplish all our amazing dreams.

“The way we look at the world is a direct reflection on how we live our life. The lens for which we choose to see the world makes it a self fulfilling prophecy.”“We can go through life fighting everything that doesn’t go the way we want it to, or we can stay in peace knowing that God is directing our every step. Even the detours, the dead ends, and the U-turns are all going to work out to our advantage.”

-Joel Osteen

Every new day is destinies way of telling us that our purpose is yet to be fulfilled. Each new day is a chance to be more than we ever dreamed possible. Today is a day we can be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. The power in our hearts to make a difference is unlimited. We should use the power we have to be the change we want to see. It begins by jumping out of bed with gratitude and joy…GOOD MORNING! Let our light illuminate from within…it has power.

WE NEED TO STOP BEING TIMID. GOD IS POWERFUL. GOD CAN DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. When was the last time you asked God for something incredibly huge? One of the reasons we don’t see God doing big things in our lives is because we are asking for small things. Be bold. We should be asking for what we can not accomplish on our own. This is when we will see God’s power at work. Be still. Have faith. Be hopeful. Be grateful. Remain open to receive all you’ve asked for. And remember, the more we ask for, the more that’s expected of us. Rise to the occasion, be more then you ever dreamed you could be. God wants to do big things in our lives,  it’s up to us to ask.


A few simple common sense principles that we should all live by, and be aware of on a continual basis:

Don’t judge.

Don’t point fingers.

Look within yourself, be the change you want to see.

If you’re not coming from a place of love, don’t act, don’t speak.

When there is a choice to be right, or be kind…always choose kindness.

Live in and from a place of gratitude.

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Michael-Blu is an Entrepreneur, the CEO of Blu Seth Farms® and Super SmartBurst™ The Lifestyle. He's an Inspirationalist, a Singer, Speaker, Lifestyle Expert/Coach, Chef, Skincare Guru and the Author of SHIFTING POINTS: Finding Truth In The Strange and Extraordinary Moments of Life. Michael-Blu also co-authored with Seth Lewis the inspirational dog photo book WOOFS OF WISDOM which was photographed by famed dog photographer Jesse Freidin and the children's book HELLO HOLLYWOOD. His focus is on health & wellness, and his passion is inspiring others to find their true authenticity while traveling life's path.

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