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Boho Ponytail Hairstyle

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 When I think of Boho Hair, I think of hair that is natural, fun and messy. Boho hair is relaxed, wavy hair that is easily styled. A Boho ponytail is a lot easier then you think. Keep in mind the messier and less perfect it is, the better it will look. It’s all about having fun styling your hair and creating a runway chic look. This is a very fun and easy style for yourself. (model: Brittany Mason, makeup by Sunset Blonde)

How to Style:  

1.       Curl the hair with a medium 1 1/2 curling iron. It is even better curled from the night before. You can also do it from straight hair.

2.       Tease your hair from the crown of your head through out the bangs.  This will  give it volume.


3.       Secure ponytail.  You can do one high, a side, or two side ponytails.

4.       Gather your hair in place where you desire. Do not secure tightly. Secure with elastic wrap. Take some of remaining hair and wrap hair around the elastic.



5.       Tease hair big creating a messy hair ball. Secure with elastic and wrap hair around, hiding the elastic. You can have many hair tease balls, as long as the hair length allows you to. You can also add hair extensions if you don’t have enough hair length.



6.       Tease the end of the tail to create a messy runway Boho ponytail style, you can add accessories such as feathers, charm, braids or hats.



You are done, enjoy!                                                                                                                                                                                                          


 If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]    

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Beverly Hills hairstylist, Angelica Curiel is a Los Angeles native with over a decade of experience in the hair industry. With a degree of fashion design, her love of beauty brought her into the ever changing world of hair. Not only is Angelica Curiel in expert in hair cutting, color correction, and hair extensions, she also applies her talent in makeovers. Angelica's knowledge and skills keep her very busy at the salon, as well as on celebrities, studios, events, reality shows, and photo shoots. You can find Angelica Curiel at Giuseppe Franco salon: 350 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4733, ph:(310) 274-8967

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